Little Giant® Tool Tray™

Little Giant® Tool Tray™

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Multi-position Ladder Accessory

No more bucket balancing acts. No more dropped drills. No more falling fasteners. The Tool Tray™ from Little Giant Ladder Systems® has all the grooves and slots you need to keep your kit within arm’s reach.

  • Fixed tool tray
  • Magnetic tray
  • Tool slots
  • 40cm х 26 cm
  • Weight only 0.7kg

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Stay Organized, Stay Fast

Keep it close, keep it organized, and keep it quick. The Tool Tray is packed with features designed for speed: a magnetic tray, a drill compartment, slots for screwdrivers and knives, friction locks for multiple can sizes and more.

Install It and Go

Put it on and leave it on. The Tool Tray functions at any height in the A-frame position and stays out of the way in the extension or storage positions.


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