Adjustable Safety Cage™

Adjustable Safety Cage™

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Many industries require professionals to tie off at an anchor point when working at certain heights. This standard helps keep people safe, but it can be a difficult standard to maintain. The Little Giant® Adjustable Safety Cage™ eliminates the need to tie-off, making jobs faster, safer, and less expensive than many scaffolding options.

  • Guardrail system – 360° work area
  • Fully enclosed platform
  • Wheel Lift™ for easy movement when fully deployed
  • Adjustable outriggers
  • Tip & Glide™ transportation wheels
  • Adjustable height
  • Inside clear width 52 cm
  • Non-conductive fiberglass
  • Load Capacity 170kg

5 773.20 лв.6 794.40 лв.


150-270 cm - 18509-243
240-420 cm - 18515-240
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The fully enclosed guardrail system on the Adjustable Safety Cage™ eliminates tie-off requirements.

Wheel Lift casters allow for safe, easy movement, even when Adjustable Safety Cage™ is fully deployed.

Adjustable outriggers increase the footprint of the Cage, adding additional side-tip stability


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